The Active Christian

So am up this wee hours of the morning thinking to myself… ‘what is it about christians being over dependent? why is it that as christians we are lazy people? Why do we always refuse fight for what we want? Why does the world see us and term us lazy’?
These thoughts quickly kick started my researching prowess (not bragging!!! am just good like that).
Researching into this study, my first point of call was the bible because I needed to understand how “believer-ship” was done in old times before and after christ came. I try to look at 3 characters each from the old and new testament in six series, I then try to relate it to what we have these days and finally posit some recommendations. So here we go!!!
For the first series,  my first point of call was the book of Esther, my attention was particularly drawn to mordecai. Although everybody acknowledges Esther for her bravery and courage, however all that didn’t fall far from its source (in this case uncle mordecai). In Esther 2:11, We can see here how mordecai enlisted his niece into the contest. Of course he knew she was beautiful, of course he knew she could turn heads ( even hegai the women keeper was pleased with her). Knowing all these didn’t stop mordecai from doing the needful , he practically took on active role as Esther’s mentor n guide. Meaning he didn’t sit around for manna to fall, he took the bulls by the horn and charted its course. Unlike what we have today where christians refuse to do anything but wait for God to move from heaven and do everything for them.
Furthermore, in Esther 4:4 we also saw how resilient mordecai was, despite the clothes and cheering Esther tried to offer him, he refused to comply. He had a purpose at that gate and wouldn’t leave until the problems at hand was solved. Which unlike christians these days who first of all don’t know what they want and how they can get it ( how can we even get anything when we refuse to help others who in turn can help us when the need arises). Christians these days just cant be bothered by anything, we refuse to take steps, to make change or to be key players of destiny.
In addition to this, mordecai was bold enough to tell Esther the truth in Esther 4:13-14 ( no go believe say u go free ooo, na all of us go kukuma die here!!!). He demonstrated courage to tell the truth even if it was the bitter truth. He knocked some sense into Esther’s very comfortable and relaxed head. Unlike christians these days who are even afraid to offend their own shadows, for fear of its repercussion 
Noteworthy also is the sacrifice mordecai made to save d king, he could have been killed but he refused to keep quiet and let it slide like most christians do these days, he spoke up without having any thoughts of compensation in mind and God came through for him in the whole of Esther 6.
Key take home points
Mordecai saw opportunities available for himself and his people, and he took it.
Mordecai wasn’t a non-challant child of God. He knew what God was supposed to do and he knew what he was supposed to do
Mordecai had strength, courage, dignity,
boldness and integrity.
The painful thing with today’s christians is that we have let the world learn this important facts while we ourselves refuse to put these lessons into action. We are busy playing religious politics while neglecting the politics of life. Un believers know these principles and apply it and succeed while we busy ourselves teaching and not practising.
Recommendation is made for immediate sit up and re evaluation. Don’t be a looker, be a doer.
Alright I am tired of typing while hubby is enjoying his sleep alone. Lemme gan rest my beautiful head a while till I think of the next character to study. See you guys in the next series. Until then, keep the fire burning and keep kinging!!!


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